Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

How To Do a Screenshot on your Mobile Phone

  1. Home Button + Power Buton (iOS/iphone, Samsung, BB10), some devices use Volume Down + Power (Windows Phone, Lenovo)
  2. use application like ScreenER (recommended)
  3. use accesorries MiKey/MiClick
  4. Samsung Swipe Screen Feature, a feature on Samsung SmartPhone
  5. An Option on Power Button if u use XPosed Mod
  6. Notification Centre on Some Devices (XiaoMi, Lenovo, etc)
  7. Use S-Pen on Samsung Note series
  8. Voice Command
  9. Accesibility > Dexterity > Assistant Menu (Overlay Icon/Floating icon)
  10. Screenshot Widget / Toggle 
  11. Set Key to execute SS
  12. Shake to Screenshot feature on some app/device
  13. App ScreenShot Easy (Multi-way SS) or Screenshot Ultimate (16 ways)
  14. App ScreenShot by Icordice (touch & hold edge screen / set back button , etc)
  15. Dedicated Soft Buton on Android Tablet

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