Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chromebook Intel CPU vs Exynos CPU (xe500 vs xe303)

Chromebook XE500 with Intel CPU vs Chromebook XE303 with Exynos CPU

Chromebook XE500:
+Better Screen Resolution
+Bigger Screen
+Better Casing/Housing
+Different Keyboard than PC Style
+USB Port on the side
+Can enter OS without internet 
+Brighter Screen
+Better Wi-fi receiver
+No Hang/Freeze/Own Restart
+Better audio output (3.5mm connector and speaker)
+2 USB Ports, while XE303 has only 1 USB port
- Slow and Lag

Chromebook XE303:
+Faster Processor/Smoother Interface
+Lighter, Thinner design
+Keyboard more like PC 
+USB 3.0
+Free 100gb google drive storage for 2 years
+Hole Pin for Reset
+Faster Startup
+More efficient Energy
+more shortcut, better track pad and shortcut
-Often Hang/Freeze/Own Restart/Reboot
-Low resolution display

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