Rabu, 14 November 2012

Top 20 Earbuds pilihanku

ini adalah archieve tahun 2009, di impor dari Multiply yang telah ditutup.

Top 20 Earbuds pilihanku (50% selera + 50% SQ):
  1. Yuin Pk1; good mid, all around earbuds, power hungry/need amp
  2. BLOX TM5; good soundstage, best bass quality, laidback mid
  3. Crossroads HR1; good mid, high is not as good as pk1
  4. Yuin Ok1; good soundstage, very thin bass and low, analytical, detail, a little harsh
  5. Audio Technica CM700; thin bass, good soundstage, nice high frequency, good separation
  6. Crossroads HR2; very all around earbuds, doesnt need amp, vocal forward.
  7. AKG K319K; very good to produce Tom-Tom sound
  8. Yuin OK2; good soundstage,sound is very similar to ok1,but not as analytical as ok1
  9. Yuin Ok3; better bass than ok2 and ok1, thicker sound than ok1 and ok2
  10. Radius Woody; woody housing, a wet-feeling sound, fun sound without harsh
  11. Beyerdynamics Mipro E8E; mid oriented earbud and wet-feeling sound, does not produce good good high and low area
  12. Yuin Pk3; one of the best under $50, good bass quality, quantity, and crisp treble
  13. Sennheiser mx760; a fun and warm earbuds but the treble is not roll-off, staging is good, more colouring than mx90vc
  14. Sennheiser mx90vc; very neutral earbuds, one of the most neutral earbuds
  15. V-moda remix m-class; very good overall earbuds and great aluminium housing
  16. Hisound PAA-1; vocal forward, mid-bass oriented but lack of deep frequency bass
  17. Sound Magic PH-10, warm and fuller sound
  18. Cresyn EP800; Thin and light sound, but not cold
  19. Nokia HS450; Cold and roll-off bass
  20. Philips SHE7850; Cold , good detail

Note: Semua earbuds murni, tidak ada IEM ataupun clip, saya juga hanya kasih ranking kepada yang sudah saya dengar/coba.

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