Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Top 10 BBM killer

1. Whatsapp, an application with more than 200 million download
2. YM (yahoo messenger), a senior IM that support the most platform
3. Facebook Messenger, facebook has 750 million registered user
4. Gtalk, an IM by Google, a company behind Android, with more than 500 million android handset already actived
5. PinchApp, a BBM-like IM with support 7 different platform
6. Kakao Talk, the most famous IM for korean, but many Android user download it too
7. LiveProfile, a famous IM , especially for iphone user
8. iMessage, a default IM in iDevice (apple`s device)
9. Skype, the most famous Voice Chat and Video Call IM in the world today, owned by Microsoft
10. ChatOn, an IM by Samsung, Samsung is the no.1 smartphone maker in 2011 and no.1 handset manufacturer (including OEM) in 2012 surpass Nokia. ChatOn is also a bbm-like IM that support the most platform.

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